Santa Gave a Death for at Least 6 People

What did Santa give to you ? A death .

Actually , chrismas eve should be a nice moment for christian people . But not for this case . A man in santa's suit killed at least six person in Los Angeles and injured several others . Then this santa killed himself after doing such thing . Motive of this Santa maybe caused by bitter divorce between him and his wife . This is the summary of the news :

In a bizarre Christmas Eve rampage in a Los Angeles suburb, a 45-year-old man in a Santa Claus outfit opened fire on a gathering of his in-laws and then methodically set their house ablaze, killing at least six people and injuring several others, the authorities said on Thursday.

In addition, three people who were at the party in the suburb of Covina — including the couple who owned the home and the former wife of the suspect — were missing, the police said.

The suspect, identified by witnesses as Bruce Jeffrey Pardo, later killed himself in front of his brother's house in Sylmar, about 40 miles from the scene of the shootings, the police said.

Witnesses said Pardo, armed with cans of accelerant, went to the house looking for his former wife, Sylvia, with whom he had been entangled in a bitter divorce..

The frenzied shooting occurred just before midnight Wednesday at a two-story home on a cul de sac in Covina, a middle-class town about 22 miles east of Los Angeles. People who escaped the home, including one woman who broke an ankle as she leapt out of a second-floor window, said they had gathered for a family celebration.

At least three bodies were initially discovered inside the home, and coroners found "several" more bodies as they went through the rubble on Thursday morning, according to The Associated Press.

Investigators said that about 30 people, among them many children, were inside the home celebrating on Christmas Eve when Pardo knocked on the door. The gathering was a tradition for the family, an annual holiday party, and Pardo had apparently disguised himself as hired entertainment to gain access. When a guest opened the door, Pardo stepped inside the house, pulled out a handgun, and immediately started shooting, Lieut. Pat Buchanan of the Covina Police Department said in a telephone interview.

So , , what did u ask to santa ? I hope u did ask for the good one .


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