College Could Become More Expensive

I got my feeling in writing about this stuff after I read Mas Fahmi’s article .

Nowadays, educational cost in America is more expensive than before. A report said that the cost of attending colleges has risen nearly three times the cost of living. It means that even we live in America, we also think twice to attend class in colleges. Maybe we’ll probably choose to get some works than register in any colleges.

What is the connection between Indonesia? There is a big connection between America and Indonesia, especially in economical policy. Both America and Indonesia use capitalism as their economic strategy. In Indonesia, we can see the capitalism in many ways. Industry, education, even politic also. However, if America as the biggest capitalism country could suffer because of this system, we have to think better solution in order to grow our country up.

Back to topic, when I read this news, I started thinking what will happen with my country (Indonesia). How many times the cost of attending colleges will rise? Once? Twice? Three times? Or worse than that, more than three times. No matter how many it will be rise, we need only once rising of the cost of attending colleges to choose not to register in nest year class. And if it happens, we will get lack of scholar. If we get lack of scholar, then we will lost of our future youth. And if so, who will build our nation when our generation die? So, I suggest us to discuss about this problem seriously. Because this is not just a simple problem to solve. It can be the biggest one.

I find that at least there are 2 options to pass this condition. First, government has to subsidy our cost of education so there will be not rising cost, especially in colleges. I don’t say that our government didn’t do the same until this time. But I want to say that they (government) did corruption in every subsidy. If there will be no corruptor during the implementation of this kind of subsidy, I can guarantee that we must not rise our cost.

Second, we have to think about cross subversion between rich people and poor people. What I say with cross subversion is we charge upon rich people to pay twice tax of education while the poor people is free of this tax. Until this time, I see many rich people get easiness in many taxes. They are the one who get subversion. In the same time, many poor people can’t get their chance to get education because rich people has taken theirs. In order to grow up our nation, I assume that if rich people pay theirs twice consciously, automatically the poor people will get their opportunity in education.

Actually, I just can think these ways to prevent raising cost of attending colleges. As I said before, if we don’t think this seriously, we will not be able to grow up our nation. Because of our lack of education.

I’ve said my opinion, so what's yours?


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