I asked for strength,
en Allah gave me difficulties to make me strong.

I asked for wisdom,
en Allah gave me problems to solve.

I asked for courage,
en Allah gave me obstacles to overcome.

I asked for love,
en Allah gave me troubled people to help.

I asked for flavors,
en Allah gave me opportunities.

"maybe I received nothing I wanted,
But I received everything I needed"


Recently, I am facing the most important phase in my life as university student. Final year project gave me a big headache. It's not that I do not understand of what my supervisor wanted me to do. But as I always told you, I am not that good in writing a report. Sadly, phase 1 is about writing what my project is gonna be. And that's where my problem came.

It is difficult for me, however I would not allow my self to be cracked by my own problems. My friends can get over it, so why I can't? I wish it just a matter of time till I get back my mood of writing. That's the reason why I put the poem above. Problems are there to be overcome. I believe on it. Besides, I have du'a from my parents. Come on myself, I know that you're able to handle it !


Time Relativeness

Albert Einstein once stated that time is relative. Based on his theory, time is different between two persons standing in different points. Even the speed of moving object towards them is the same, they can't agree on the time it takes for other objects to travel relative to them. It is contradiction to what Newton said in "Principia Mathematica" that time.

Thus it is exciting to know that, according to theory of relativity, if you want to spend less time for attending the class, just simply go to the Burj Khalifa and establish new class there. Of course you need a huge amount of money. Moreover, if you want to have more time with your wife or your family, just simply go to the deepest ocean and build your own building there.

However, there is a simple way to make the time runs faster as well as slower. It is change our feeling towards it to the opposite. If we want to class being dismissed earlier, just love the subject. And you will feel that the time runs so fast. That is what happens to my life. Currently, I am in my last year in my university in order to pursue my degree. I dont know whether I should be happy or sad. Being last year student means I only have next one year to 'enjoy' my time as student. To think that I will face the work-live soon and be able to help my parents, I should be happy. However, when I think that I still have many ambitions which are not fulfilled yet till this time, I supposed to be sad. Either way, this is life. Time goes by, whether we want or not. I could choose not to take my FYP this trimester, but it means that I have to extend for another year for sure. In the end, I would regret for this choice. Since my father has told me to get my degree as soon as possible and contribute more to my family as well as my neighborhood. That's why I chose to take FYP this trimester, even the title is quite tough. Do I understand the title ? For the first time I met my supervisor, I had no idea what the title was about. I didnt even know how to construct the system based on the title. All was blur. But thanks to my supervisor, Mrs. Kaliarasi, she explained well enough to be understood by a mere student like me.

After all, I wish for your du'a so that I am able to finish my degree as having planned and get the result I already planned. Wish me luck, since the best weapon besides du'a is luck. :)

There is nothing to learn from a lesson without pain. Because you can't gain anything without sacrificing something in exchange. But when you overcome that pain and make the lesson your own, you will obtain an irreplaceable fullmetal heart.

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