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The basic thing of being a programmer is not the capability to memorize the whole code. Rather than that, what you need to strengthen is the logic.

If you do not want to learn the most basic thing, then forget about coding and anything related to it. You do not understand how your program should work, then how can you start the code ? That's the worst case. Some do better, they understand the objectives yet they do not know how to implement it. The answer is simple: READ and DO. Google provides most of the answers and even the tutorials. So why don't you start to use it anyway ? Too complicated ? Then lemme know something which is not complicated ! It is your mind which is matter. As long as you bear in your mind that programming is not tough, then so be it !

Lemme tell you something, during my senior high school, I got average mark in biology. I did not compete with my friends when it came to biology. If you ask why, my answer is because I don't like it as much as I like math, physic, chemistry, or even economic. The reason behind this is my experience since junior high school. I used to sleep in the class yet I was still able to understand the subject, except biology. This is the only subject in which you need to memorize latin. Since I don't like memorizing, then I turned out to despise this subject.

I don't tell you to hate biology also, what I want to say is what your mind thinks is necessary. As long as you say programming is difficult, trust me, you won't understand any single thing you learned. So what's the use of going to college if in the end you stay as who you were ? Okay, you got marks. But what those marks are gonna do with your future ? Nothing ! You have no knowledge, so why should company hire you ?

If you are aware of the importance of loving the subject and ready to go to the next level, then the next thing you have to do is DO what you have learned. Better yet, SHARE to others what you already knew. Unlike physic or chemistry, programming needs to be tried until you think you already mastered enough. You got the concept but you don't know how to write down your concept is a waste. You may ask your friend to do your idea, but what happen if this friend gets new idea based on your idea and then claims that it's originally his ? Up to certain level, someone considered as friend is still necessary. But don't let him get the advantage from what it's supposed to be yours. Learn how to code and you will lessen your loss. If you know the coding, your mates are not gonna cheat on you.


Up to this part, if you don't understand what it takes to be a programmer, then lemme summarize it for you. It only takes 3 steps but each step requires your full intention.

1. Loving

The fundamental stuff in order to master any kind of knowledge. Whenever you start loving what you are learning, you will see the world differently. It's getting easier and easier. In the end, you will realize that the subject is not tough.

2. Read and Learn

Loving without studying is useless. Your love will get you nowhere. Start reading and learning something new. You can not separate reading and learning. Reading without learning is what you get when you read a novel. You read and you get nothing except the story. Read with your full attention then you will get something.

3. Implement

This is the last step as well as the most important on deciding whether you are ready to be a programmer or not. Those steps above are gonna be a waste if you don't start to implement it. So what are you waiting for ? Do it right now !


I got 3 offers to do my friend's assignment and those are not free. Yet I rejected all of them. I wanna enjoy my day dude. Please understand me. It's not like I hate you or the payment is not high enough. If I don't have anything to do, I will help you for sure. Even if it means that I have to do it for free. Surely, I am gonna get better. But what about you ? What kind of improvement will you get if I do all those stuffs ? Getting better in report ? Come on, report is only 3% whereby the rest of the marks will go to the implementation. I'll more appreciate it if we sit and solve the assignment together. Doesn't matter who will do the code, since all of us will get the knowledge. And as I told you before, no hard feelings when I refused your offer.

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