The Answer to Problematic Age of Aisha (RA)

Do you still remember Yusha Evans ? The one who gave lecture in this video and a former Christian Youth Minister. Today I stumbled across his website. It was coincidence though, I was searching for references for my project and suddenly saw his website's link from one of my mates. Once I came to his site, I read his article about Aishah's age. It draws my attention. Why? Because about 2 years ago there was a big phenomenon where a considered-old chaplain married with around 16-years old girl. It is uncommon in indonesia recently. That's why press competing to raise this issue. This chaplain, aside from his wealthy and influence, argued to those who oppose him by giving the fact that even our prophet, Muhammad SAW (may peace be upon him) married with Aisha at such a young age. Because of that matter, I discussed with my ustadz and he gave me an article which I posted here later on.

Back to Mr. Yusha. He has his own opinion regarding this problem. If you wish, you may read here. He explained that, during that time, marrying a young girl was not against the rule. Either his (the Prophet) opponent or his believers did not object the marriage between the Prophet and 'Aishah. If they objected with Zaynab's marriage because it is against the culture, then why did not they object with 'Aishah's marriage? Based on this fact, it does make sense that 'Aishah's marriage was not against the culture and surely it breaks down what Non-Muslims accuse nowadays. Quoting his words,

We are responsible for acting in accordance with our conscience, and our own societal norms may well factor into this, but it may be a bit presumptuous to pass judgment on people of the past and future, and those of other cultures. People in the future may well look on some of our mores as bizarre.

In the end, Allah knows best about all the details of things. And, it remains well-established that Islam’s central message is one of monotheism, decency and morality. It is to this that our energies can be more profitably devoted.


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