Open Sesame

dear child,

never look back with regret, of something you cannot undo

never live present with worries, of something that might not happen afterall

never face future with fears, we know not what lies ahead

it might be good, and not bad

never look down to people because one day you might have to look them up

never look up too much or you will get disappointed

never too kind, or you might be wronged

never too evil, or punishment awaits

never too patient, or you will wait forever

never too rush or you will stumble

never too bitter or you will miss sweetness

never too sweet or you will be boring

never too submissive or you will be pressured

never too stubborn or you might crack

never too hard or you will crush things

never too soft or you will be crushed instead

never too reluctant or you will be lazy

never too eager or you will be overwhelmed

never regret something bad, or something sad

because a burst of tears, might just be your open sesame to your box of happiness
warmest love,

mother life

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