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I just came from CEH course and found out that Ayoub had sent me an offline message through ym. What he said is unexpected. He read a news related to Julia Perez who is gonna go for upcoming regent election in Pacitan. Soon after he read the news, he gave me his comments. Here it is:

ayoub : what the ..........
"but Perez says people with deeply held religious beliefs still see sex as sinful"

ayoub : the most hilarious quoted
"’ I say, ‘No, I don’t agree about that.’ But if you don’t want to get sick, if you don’t want HIV, if you don’t want to have more kids, you use condoms."

ayoub : how about this
"People say I’m too young, that I don’t have the right to run because I’m too sexy. But politics is about honesty, it’s about having a good team. I can be like Barack Obama also."

As he asked me, I will give my comments here, instead of in the news. Since I think that there is a possibility there will be another similar case so I don't have to write the same comment again. According to the case, here are my opinions:

From the first time I heard this issue up until now, I do not agree with her decision to go for election, with any reasons. There are some reasons why I refuse to support her:
  1. She does not have any experience in people problems, in any fields. This is the main thing in order to proceed as a regent. How do you want your region to be developed if it is governed by a know-nothing person? Oke, there is a possibility that the team is great. However, the decision maker is still the head, which is going to be Julia Perez. Is she capable of it? To be honest, I really doubt it. What is she going to decide if she doesn't understand the problems at all? In the end, it will be her surrounding giving the influence.

  2. She is a sex symbol and allows free-sex. It is well-known in Indonesia that Julia Perez is an actress who is used to be in semi-sexual movies. Indonesia is a country having moslems as majority. So it does make sense if we act based on Al-Qur'an and Hadist. If Julia Perez becomes a regent, I have a feeling that prostitution will be increasing as well as raping. The leader represents the people under him/her. If the leader is bad, you can imagine what his/her people are going to be. And take note of this madam,
    It is already stated clearly in AL-Qur'an and there is no objection among ulama'. Hence, why did you give a statement as if free sex is allowed as long as we use condom? It is not about HIV, it is about the foundation in our religion !!!

  3. She is a woman. Even there are some of ulama said that women are allowed to sit as a leader as long as it is in small scope, I prefer to follow another who said the opposite. It is not that I refuse to be ruled by a woman. However, if there are men who are still more capable of being such a leader, why should we choose a woman? Men are born to be a leader of women after all.

So, those are my opinions. Even I think it won't be satisfy him, I hope Ayoub will understand that she is not representing all of Indonesians. There are many Indonesians who still can think clearly not to support that woman during the election. And I really pray that she is not going to win.

Anyway, I am still an Indonesian, not a Hindonesian. :))


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Fair answer and opinion !!

    I am not an opposite for a woman being a leader, but we still live in a hostile society where the war decision is approved by a leader as easy as never before, financial crisis are worst and children have more control over their parents' life than parents do....etc
    Thus, women are more fit to those old pink times, in which people are more kind and tolerate.
    Miss those old brave heroes and leaders (if they really exist !!)

    Regarding the red cat woman, does not deserve the publicity she had so far, therefore the foremost to be blamed is MEDIA

    Hope that did not offend anybody, is only my personal perspective !!

    Bless you Saifu ;-)

  1. .:shev:. said...:

    I may be reconsider my opinion towards woman as a leader if and only there is no a man like you exist anymore. :))

    Indeed, Media is the only one in which mass opinion can be driven. To be honest, in my humble opinion, some of media in Indonesia sucks. They exaggerate unnecessary news as if it is necessary. However if there is no such desire from red cat woman, I am sure that there wouldn't be such issue.

    It might be an offense to Julia Perez. But who cares. She deserves it. >:)

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