I AM MAD ! It is caused by neither my friends nor my foes. It is simply because of announced coursework for each subject. I dont get used to blame anyone or anything when I got bad mark. Instead I would consider it as a lesson to get higher. But what I experienced this week is an exception. I dont satisfy with the coursework for 2 subjects, Computer Network as well as Database Security. This is the reason why these stuffs get me mad :

  1. Computer Network

  2. I got only 32,5 out of 40. It aint bad. However I deserve to get more. The lecturer deducted my mark because during the presentation time my program didnt run smoothly. Well, it ISNT my fault nor my groupmate's. I already compiled in my own PC and it worked well. It can detect TCP/IP packet as well as other transport protocol. As being requested, it will only show TCP packet. I did it and added some informations so that it will show information about that TCP packet. Which part is the destination port, source port, window length, and so forth. The nightmare began during the presentation time. I was pretty confident back then. I was optimist I could explain anything regarding the code --since I was the one who did the code B-). However, the computer used for the presentation ruined everything ! I used computer in DIP Lab and the worst thing was CODEBLOCK WONT RUN ! I knew it already that my code would not run properly if I used dev-cpp so I used codeblock instead. But yeah, as I told you before, codeblock wont run and I had to compile with dev-cpp. What does it mean ? IT MEANS THAT I HAVE TO REWRITE MY CODE AGAIN ! In the end I got only 11 out of 15 instead of 15 out of 15. *dont ask me to have the lecturer reconsider it again. I already did. And she insisted that THAT is what I deserved. *sigh*.

  3. Database Security

  4. If you think that Computer Network is the worst, nope you're wrong. The worst part in this week came from Database Security coursework. I dont regret for the 16 out of 20 in midterm neither 5,5 out of 6 mark in assignment. What made me mad is 13 out of 20 mark for the project. I wouldnt blame the Computer Network lecturer for giving me 11 mark. I deserved it --even it aint my fault but yeah, maybe I lack of knowledge so that later on my coding should be run under any compilers. But this 13 out of 20 IS NOT WHAT I DESERVED ! I already fulfilled all of the requirements. I established database system using db2 and connected it with front-end application --which is Visual Basic. And everything worked well, even during presentation time. Is my project good ? Well, I wont say my project was the best. But most of my friends admitted that it should be one of the best. I spent 3 days with lack of sleeping time while doing the project. And I was satisfy with the result. Most of code were not lectured though --except for the database code which is common, I wanted to add function as being done in mySQL unfortunately I got errors while doing it, I knew how to create function in mySQL but it didnt work in DB2, dont know the problem. Unfortunately, it didnt amaze my lecturer at all. He gave me 11 whilst he gave another group 15 for the almost same idea --not to mention that theirs is worse than mine. I would not blame my friend who did the presentation. He did not understand the code well. Instead I AM mad with the lecturer. HE IS UNFAIR ! I already complained regarding that matter. Hope he will understand and boost up my mark. Well, I DESERVE IT ! :D

Footnote : I aint mad with Computer Network's lecturer. She has done her best. And for the other one, even I am mad with him, he is STILL my lecturer though. So I still respected him. I just dissatisfy with the mark given since I think --and my groupmates think-- we deserve more.



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