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Actually I'd like to share what I was experiencing during these weeks. 3 consecutive events and assignments gave me more experiences --and headache for sure :(. Starting from how hard it is to pursue people to do what they do not like to do but it is sufficient to be done, how I have to do what I never learnt how to do it before, and so forth. However, that is not what I want to share through this scramble-writing-of-mine. I have more interest in sharing what I got from a conversation between me and ayoub --one of my best friend here-- a few hours ago.

The conversation was about the importance of joining societies. It was unplanned conversation though. He just wanted to know the reference for upcoming quiz of Computer Network. I already had my quiz while he didn't. But the topic was changed when I said I was so tired of these past few days. His respond was interesting. He said that being tired caused by doing tasks in societies means tiring ourselves for nothing. Soon I was realized that he had different opinion about those societies stuffs and I thought it'd be interesting discussion as usual --FYI, every discussion I had with him IS always interesting. And it was !

30 minutes passed by without I noticed. There are more questions I wished to ask regarding his opinion but he had something else to do so that the conversation should be ended. My aim for posting it is to continue our discussion before as soon as he read this. Besides I am looking for your opinion based on your perspective also. Here is it :

[00:20:28] ­AYOUB just sent you a nudge!
­shev says:
[00:20:33] ­yep ?
[00:20:34] ­
­AYOUB says:
[00:20:52] ­how is it ?
­shev says:
[00:21:07] ­so tired for these past 3 days
­AYOUB says:
[00:21:14] ­cuz of iss
­shev says:
[00:21:19] ­not only iss
­AYOUB says:
[00:21:20] ­
[00:21:33] ­man
[00:21:40] ­wallahi u are tiring urself of nothing !!
[00:21:43] ­for*
­shev says:
[00:21:58] ­
[00:22:06] ­why ?
­AYOUB says:
[00:22:29] ­societies stuff are wasting of time
­shev says:
[00:22:44] ­and the reasons ?
­AYOUB says:
[00:22:55] ­no benefits at all
[00:23:03] ­name only one benefit ?
[00:23:11] ­and don't tell me gettin to know people
[00:23:18] ­
­shev says:
[00:23:22] ­hahaha
[00:24:01] ­there are alot of experiences i got from joining societies
[00:24:13] ­and i learnt alot
­AYOUB says:
[00:24:34] ­then u are imagining !!
[00:24:39] ­that u learn sth
[00:25:17] ­at least from my point of view
[00:25:33] ­anyway, have you had any computer network quiz ?
­shev says:
[00:25:38] ­yep
­AYOUB says:
[00:25:38] ­i mean for this week
[00:25:45] ­today ?
[00:25:54] ­what was about ?
­shev says:
[00:26:13] ­it was about DNS
[00:26:26] ­and SMI
[00:27:04] ­u ought to be able to distinguish among country domain, inverse domain , and generic domain
[00:27:23] ­then label and levels of hierarchy
­AYOUB says:
[00:27:37] ­which chapter was that ?
­shev says:
[00:27:44] ­9 and 10
[00:29:15] ­would u mind to tell me why u said that societies are useless ?
[00:29:42] ­*actually i did join societies not because of its benefit
[00:29:45] ­i jst liked
[00:29:51] ­*like
­AYOUB says:
[00:30:01] ­then should be ok
[00:30:22] ­cuz some people are trying to convince themselves that there are benefits
[00:30:29] ­or they are learning something
[00:31:08] ­i read some books of kevin paul about mind mapping and tricking
[00:31:29] ­some others about codes to minds
­shev says:
[00:31:58] ­then ?
­AYOUB says:
[00:31:58] ­most of them agree that people tend to trick their minds to satisfy the desire of wasting time
[00:32:15] ­or as they are referring to as time consumption !!
[00:32:41] ­the most valuable thing in our life is time
[00:33:58] ­The following are some of the most important duties demanded of Muslims:

1. Ensuring benefiting from time
2. Utilizing leisure time
3. Racing for good deeds
4. Learning from the passage of time
5. Seeking the superior times
6. Planning and organizing time
7. Fulfillment of time commitments
8. Necessary awareness of time wasters

[00:34:28] ­there are many hadiths, proverbs and some other quotes refer to the time imporance
[00:34:53] ­that is only from religious perspective
[00:35:04] ­going back to humanity's interpretation
[00:36:29] ­people are avoiding to do superior things (i.e study) and replace it with less important things

"There are two blessings which many people lose: (They are) health and free time for doing good." (Bukhari 8/421)
[00:36:59] ­i won't be able to talk fluently to explain why did i say that
[00:37:14] ­cuz english is not my native
[00:37:59] ­but ld like to ask u: going back through your mind to past few weeks, what are benefits you gain from those socities and club activities ?
­shev says:
[00:38:58] ­get to knw stuffs i didnt knw before
[00:39:05] ­hehehehe
­AYOUB says:
[00:39:15] ­for example
[00:39:16] ­??
­shev says:
[00:39:40] ­2 days ago there was an event called indonesian exhibition
[00:40:01] ­it showed performances and culture information about indonesia
[00:40:42] ­although i'm an indonesian, since i wasnt interested in stuff like this before, then i didnt knw
­AYOUB says:
[00:40:56] ­about my country
­shev says:
[00:40:56] ­after attending the event , at least i knw smthing
­AYOUB says:
[00:41:08] ­that what u were going to say ?
[00:41:36] ­opening youtube or reading through wikipedia for 10min let u know whatever you want ?
[00:41:48] ­much more than u knew
­shev says:
[00:41:57] ­lol
[00:42:03] ­indeed
[00:42:57] ­as a social-being, it is important for us to communicate with others , isnt it ?
[00:43:38] ­utube and wiki sure provide alot of information which either u or me hv
[00:44:14] ­bt the communication goes one-way
­AYOUB says:
[00:44:36] ­wiki and utube are one way of givin info
[00:44:59] ­they are not social websites as facebook and myspace do
[00:45:24] ­which i'm not persuaded by those too
[00:45:44] ­knowing people can be through different ways
[00:46:07] ­but sticking too much with people is really sucks
­shev says:
[00:46:36] ­is it ?
­AYOUB says:
[00:46:37] ­how long have u been doing these socities stuff ?
­shev says:
[00:46:50] ­since i was in high school
­AYOUB says:
[00:47:10] ­then, i would argue that i have much more friends than u do
[00:47:14] ­sorry for that
[00:47:20] ­but that works for me
[00:47:37] ­not from malaysia, indonesia or even asia
[00:47:41] ­but worldwide
[00:47:45] ­even in brazil
[00:48:01] ­without having to engage in any type of socities
­shev says:
[00:48:13] ­and the way u went ?
­AYOUB says:
[00:48:32] ­meeting someone somewhere
[00:49:02] ­i knew one guy his name is joseph at dubai airport
[00:49:27] ­met him only for 15 min at the lounge
[00:49:41] ­i got his handphone
[00:49:45] ­then email
[00:49:57] ­and next holiday i will meet him at austria
[00:50:06] ­15 min ONLY !!
[00:50:15] ­not 15 days
[00:50:21] ­and the list goes on !!
­shev says:
[00:50:28] ­
[00:51:53] ­u r rare *LOL
­AYOUB says:
[00:52:06] ­no i'm not
[00:52:21] ­but like to be frank with myself !!
[00:52:57] ­someone said: reading useless books like reading none
[00:54:08] ­and getting to know 2 or 3 good friends better than 100 partners
­shev says:
[00:54:27] ­AGREED !
­AYOUB says:
[00:54:35] ­again that was my perspective
[00:54:48] ­u have urs and i respect it
[00:55:00] ­all my greetings
­shev says:
[00:55:11] ­hahahahahaha
[00:55:16] ­dont say like that
[00:55:21] ­i appreciate urs
­AYOUB says:
[00:55:27] ­
[00:55:46] ­take care and be connected
­shev says:
[00:55:53] ­people are different in wht they're thinking
[00:56:00] ­bt yeah , urs is interesting
[00:56:17] ­i'd like to hv more time to discuss this kind of stuff w/ u
[00:56:39] ­nt to show u that mine is right and urs is wrong
­AYOUB says:
[00:56:41] ­that will be my maximum pleasure ya smart man
­shev says:
[00:57:10] ­bt to gain another perspective
[00:57:24] ­it might be someday i'll do what u did
[00:57:26] ­
­AYOUB says:
[00:57:45] ­I always learn from you
[00:58:04] ­u don't have to change or do what i did for someone
[00:58:15] ­cuz you are very smart man
[00:58:18] ­intellectual
[00:58:24] ­panctual
­shev says:
[00:58:40] ­compared to u , u're better
[00:58:44] ­you have sent a nudge!
­shev says:
[00:58:52] ­
­AYOUB says:
[00:58:53] ­no comparisons to be made
[00:59:02] ­you are the one i respect
[00:59:09] ­that won't change
[00:59:13] ­keep it up
[00:59:15] ­ya mohamed
[00:59:29] ­i beg ur pardon
[00:59:37] ­got to go
[01:00:09] ­nice to talk to you always and thanks so much for computer networks tips

So, how about yours ? :D

Footnote :
  • Some said connection is more important than knowledge and some said the opposite. Those who believe in importance of connection prefer to joining societies rather than studying. Oppositely, those who believe knowledge is the best main thing in order to succeed will study hard. I myself believe in what Mr. Andreas Raharso said --he explained by example-- ; connection will get you to Mrs. Sri Mulyani --current Minister of Economy of Indonesia--, but without knowledge you wont be able to talk much with her when it comes to economic stuff. So the ideal one --in my perspective-- is get to know people while at the same time you improve yourself.
  • Priorities are different for each of since. So are the opinions. However yours is not always true and neither is mine. What had undergone in our lives influences it. What is right for you not always be right for me when you are in my condition and vice versa. Bottom line, just choose your path. Gather all information you need but in the end you have to choose by yourself since it's your life and you have to be responsible for it.

@ayoub I look for another discussion :-"

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