I was taught that the way of progress is neither swift nor easy
--Marie Curie

When I was in elementary school, I used to think that I could not change the fact that I was not good at any sports. The fact that makes me feel I was unbalanced. And yeah, I felt insecure in many times. When I saw my friends swam, I was envy with them. When I saw my friends were good at football, I was staring at them.

But my way of thinking was changed when I graduated from senior high school. During my first year in university, I still thought the same. I thought that I was not able to do any sports. It changed when my friends asked me to join them swimming. I said that I could not. But they resisted and I felt it would be all right since I won't get drowned. Since then, I started to learn swimming. Almost every week I planned to swim at least once. With my friend's instruction, I could do it little by little. Of course the progress could not be seen in 2-3 times after I learnt. Instead I felt the impact after 3-4 months doing practice.

Since then, I got back my self-confidence. I could do anything I wished to. However, as I quoted above, the way of progress is neither swift nor easy. And I believe that as long as I struggle on something, I could master it. Thus if you are currently struggling on something, keep in your mind that the progress won't be either swift or easy. Do not give up after what you have done so far. It might be the next step which brings you to success. Just cheer it up as always .


  1. Anonymous said...:

    As-salam alikoum ya mohamed;

    wallahi nice what you have written above !!
    If i didn't c u before, then i would say he is a psychology professor or a senior lecture in MIT. You always keep impressing me, your way of thinking, way you treat people are really astounding.


  1. .:shev:. said...:

    alaikumsalam .

    i take it as a compliment. although u're far better than me. :p

  1. seguros coche said...:

    Besar dan benar-benar indah. saya menemukan situs ini benar-benar mengagumkan.

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